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Finding Prime Industrial Land For Investment

In Brisbane there will always be opportunities to purchase land suitable for industrial development. As the city expands and the population grows, there are ongoing changes to zoning and land use that allow the astute investor to purchase quality land with future opportunity.

Located on the eastern seaboard, Brisbane is the ideal city to despatch and distribute manufactured goods across the Pacific Ocean to USA, South America, and into Asia. Upgrades to transport and business infrastructure in many established industrial precincts are helping business owners in keeping pace with technology and growth.

If you are investing in industrial property or land suitable for industrial development in Brisbane, then it pays for you to set a series of guidelines to apply in selecting the right property. Here are some ideas to help with that:

Term of investment

Determine how long you want to hold the property as an investment. That fact will impact your decisions on property improvements, and tenant selection.


There is a fine balance between successful property financing and risk management. Understand how the typical rules of LVR (loan value ratio) will impact your property selection and purchase.

Manage Risk

Every property will have a degree of risk to be minimized and managed. You can do that by selecting the right tenant for the investment and understanding how the lease and the terms of occupation can improve the investment over time.

Transport and Access

Every prime industrial site should be well placed for tenant access and transport integration. That then means a business can successfully operate and connect with their end users and clients. Good transport and access will help lease or sell and industrial property.

Quality of the land

A good parcel of industrial land will be relatively flat, free from the risk of flooding, have stable soil content, and be zoned for industrial use.

Environmental factors

Review the surrounding zone or land precinct for pressures associated with the environment; that can be rivers, land stability, air pollution, water run off, fire, and climatic threats (cyclones etc).


Understand what you can and can’t do in operating an industrial property from a particular location. The local council zoning will have a lot to do with that. Visit the Brisbane City Council website for reference to planning regulations in different precincts.

Labour Markets

A good industrial business requires access to a labour force. That can include public transport, roads, and rail. How can workers to an industrial complex get to the property easily and efficiently?


Every good industrial property should be able to connect with water, electricity (3 phase) and in some cases gas. Understand the level of services available in a location for industrial property use.

So there are some things that you can focus on in searching for the right industrial property or land to purchase. Brisbane offers many opportunities for the astute investor.